Advance Features


Point of Sale

Point of sales or purchase is all about retail financial transactions for the products or service for any business billing systems. Read More


GST Billing

Every small and medium retail business has minimum retail billing system and its mandate to configure all retail billings Read More


Retail Billing

GST filing made easy. Maker-checker flow, vendor customer bill Recognition. Read More


Bar Code Technology

Maintaing bulk inventory management for your business is always a huge billing activity.So Barcode billing system can easily scan your product billing system Read More


Stock Alerts

Inventory alerts, also named as Stock alerts are the prior notification for us when there is a considerable change in our shop’s inventory levels. Read More


Expiry Alerts

Our GST billing software keeps a steady track of your product's batch number and its expiration dates. We help you in selling your products before it reaches its expiration date, thus preventing loss of your product, on a first-in-first-out basis. Read More


Exports and Imports Data

Import and export of data is the automated or semi-automated input and output of data sets between different business billing software applications. Read More


Items and Stock Summary

You will see all the item list with Opening Stock, Stock Inward, Stock Outward, Closing Stock, Damaged stock, Display Stock & many other features. You can filter it as per your requirement and take printouts of the data whichever you required. Read More


Customer Business Summary

Whenever you want to see the customer details, you can view all the details relating to the transactions date wise in the customer ledger. You can also get the related details of cash in and cash out flow of all the customers in customer business summary. Read More


Sales Ledger

In olden days, shopkeepers are used to keep a book or register to maintain a record of whatever transactions he has made all the day through in his shop Read More


Customer Support

Our customer support is always top priority for us. Customer is the king for any business segments, we have a successful history in solving all customer's queries. Read More


Multi Mode Payments

As the technology improves the various modes of the money transfer through digitally has been improvised a lot and as the result predominantly. Read More


Purchases List

You can add, edit or delete various details related to purchase. You can easily import the purchase details. Similarly, you can export the file too. With the help of Purchase Register, you can record various details and export the same. Read More


Supplier’s Reports

You can get the list of all the suppliers in the supplier view option in our software which saves your time. You can easily get all the details of outstandng amount from time to time. Read More


Purchases & Expenses

You can add, edit or delete the expenses related to your suppliers or customers as per the requirement.You can record all the details of the expenses and the GST amount and put the remarks in the comments. Read More

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  • Best For Small & Medium Business

    With very low budget you can start your company and business, this software really impactful for small & medium level business.

  • Customer Friendly Features Which Save Your Time and Effort

    Now a days time is more powerful. Profithands business billing software is easy to use and save your precious time.

  • Cost Effective & Reliable

    Before knowing product features we have to think about product cost, so profithands is combined fully featured software in your budget.

  • Easy & Secured

    Now a days you need a secure software for your business billings. Profithands is a fully secured and easy to use.

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  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Multi Mode Payment
  • Retail Products
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Summary


  • Barcode Generation
  • Credit Sales With Over Due Limit
  • Multiple Pricelist Management
  • Import and Export Accounts
  • Import and Export Transactions


  • Customization in Item,Customer & Supplier
  • Tally Realtime
  • Employee Staff Access Control
  • Employee Modifications Tracking
  • Employee Vacation Management


  • Day Summary Message Alerts
  • Client Feedback
  • Auto Set Auditor Mail
  • Auto Set Owner Mail
  • SMS Sale Bill