Sales Expert App

Sales Expert is a mobile billing app for android users, it is an integration app works only with profit hands software, it will be used for remote sales operations like handling sales orders, payment collections, payment reminders, sales target for field sales employees. It will display customer outstanding, Stock reports, customer ledger, and customer overdue report. User can also raise invoices remotely using this app. It will be mainly used by distributor employees to handle business operations remotely from customer place.

Features of Profit hands Management software:

  • Making Sales orders
  • Making GST Sales Bills and Sales Returns.
  • Recording Payment Collections
  • Viewing Customer Outstanding.
  • Sending Customer Outstanding reminders.
  • Viewing Customer Ledger.
  • Sending Payment Reminders, get alerts on WhatsApp
  • Download, print & share bills/quotations/business reports

Sales Expert app/software can be used by multiple businesses such as:

  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors, Resellers & Traders
  • Retailers/ Shopkeepers
  • General Stores/ Kirana
  • Electronic/ hardware stores
  • Personal Credit Bookkeeping/ Freelancing

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